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With an interdisciplinary approach and a spirit of curiosity, our team is prepared to help you explore the big questions that keep you up at night. 


We believe organizational culture and evaluation are closely connected, and our consulting approach engages voices that are often left out of strategic problem-solving. 


The process of inspiring curiosity among members of your team, and making it easy for them to play an authentic role in evaluation, allows your organization to build a sustainable practice of learning, reflecting, and growing.


We most often work with organizations in the following capacities, and we’re always open to solving new problems:


  • Program & impact evaluation (qualitative and quantitative methods)

  • Building a learning culture 

  • Needs assessment

  • Strategic planning

  • Facilitation

  • Organizational & program development 

  • Data management systems

Emergence Collective COVID-19 policy

Our team is following the lead of health department guidelines and emerging science, and our highest priority is to protect the health and safety of our team and project partners. We will have in-person meetings on a case-by-case basis based on a variety of factors including individual team comfort levels, vaccination rates, and community spread.  We’ll continue to monitor local and community spread of COVID-19 over the coming months and will let you know of any changes to this policy. 

We know meeting in person provides opportunities to build relationships in a way that feels different than in a virtual setting - and we believe that intentional facilitation in a virtual environment can still encourage open and energetic participation. As a remotely distributed team in “normal” times, we are well prepared to use virtual facilitation techniques to cultivate a welcoming, fun, and interactive environment. 

You can learn more about some of our methods, approaches, and client partners on our blog. If you’re interested in working or brainstorming together, please feel free to get in touch at!

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